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Ironically, in this respect, we suggest Google take a page out of Yahoo's book. Otherwise, it's a solid, basic e-mail app that will serve your needs just fine. Remember playing Donkey Kong Country's barrel-blasting segments? Those who grew up playing this 16-bit classic will recall the timing and precision it took to skillfully launch your monkey from barrel to barrel while avoiding rotating walls, obtrusive enemies, and pitfalls. Blast Monkeys reproduces this experience with a series of challenges that are both fun and addictive. Every level begins with Moki the monkey patiently waiting inside a rotating barrel, marked with a "tap" sign. Tapping the barrel will halt its rotation and send Moki flying straight out. When you successfully identify your friend's drawing, you're both given coins based on the difficulty of the word. You get one coin for easy words, two coins for medium, and three coins for hard words. So instead of competing against each other, you're teaming up to try to get as far as possible while earning coins. The coins can be used to buy more colors (for better drawings) and more bombs (when you want to blow up a difficult word). What ends up happening without the competitive element: a fun game you and a friend can play to see how far you can go. Posting via Tweetdeck is just as easy with the help of the app's powerful onboard tools. It lets you post to multiple accounts, add pictures, location tags, shorten URLs, and mention contacts, right from within the Compose message interface. Also, the Friends screen lets you save up to 12 friends to speed dial, which means no more memorizing Urusoft Subtitle Workshop handles. Finally, because the Deck.ly service is seamlessly integrated, you can type Tweets longer than the standard 140 characters, and Tweetdeck will automatically include a link to the rest of your post. Installation is relatively fast for such a gorgeous game. It's essentially a Running game retaining the look of Rayman Origin.You'll lead our hero through a gauntlet to try and collect Lums (firefly-like creatures). The goal is to collect the maximum amount on each level by employing Rayman's various skills -- jumping, flying, wall running, and punching while avoiding death from enemies, spikes, and good old gravity to reach your goal. Perfect every level by collecting all Lums and you'll be rewarded with an additional world -- Land of the Livid Dead. With the Zillow app, you can get started by searching for homes based on specific filters or by simply browsing through nearby listings. Either way, Zillow lets you sort through your search results by several different specs including price, square footage, lot size, bedrooms, and year built. These sorting options alone make Zillow an incredibly rich resource of real-estate data. But there's more. You can save properties and searches for easy access later. And if you sign in with your Zillow account, your saved items will be available from any device. With the Urusoft Subtitle Workshop app, you can easily create a new Hangout (video call) while on the go. And with a couple of taps, you can enable or disable audio or video, or switch cameras. Also, it's just as easy to join a Hangout in progress, if you come across one in your stream. If someone invites you to a Hangout, your phone will notify you, much like it would for a typical voice call, and upon answering, you can decide to enable or disable video. If a lot of your friends are on Google+, then this feature is going to be a much simpler option than, say, Skype. From what we've seen, I'm Getting Arrested is straightforward and works exactly as described. Our only question is, why no Urusoft Subtitle Workshop or Urusoft Subtitle Workshop support? Considering it was inspired by a grassroots movement, it just makes sense, no? Built-in social media would not only expand the app's reach to potentially large numbers of friends and loved ones, but it would also serve as a bullhorn for rallying support after each arrest. Regardless, if you often find yourself in situations where police detainment is a possibility, you might want to download this app. The goal is to gather a certain amount of victory points before the other players (the standard game requires 10). You can earn points by gathering resources and building settlements, accomplishing achievements, or buying victory point cards. Gather resources by building settlements on a resource-generating tile or trading with other players or the bank. Mastering the art of trade is one strategy to win, but trading too much could give other players an edge in expansion; not trading enough could prevent you from obtaining necessary materials to win. The more exciting second mode of the game is the time attack mode, which is easily unlocked after playing career mode for three game days (not real time). In this mode all ingredients and items are already unlocked and all you need to do is complete as many orders as possible. Each complete

Though you start with just a handful of loadouts to choose from, you eventually unlock an impressive variety of weapons, attachments, gear, and abilities, called bursts, to choose from. Unlike in the campaign, in which Urusoft Subtitle Workshop fills up his bullet-time meter rather quickly on the standard difficulty, the adrenaline that fills up your burst meter in multiplayer takes time to collect, ensuring that these powers are not overused, and requiring you to choose carefully: Do you cash in your trigger-happy burst at level 1, enjoying the benefit of armor-piercing ammunition for 20 seconds, or do you hold off until you have a full meter and reward yourself with a devastating grenade launcher? Accompanying Classic mode in the "new ways to play stakes" is Challenge mode, which features challenges aimed at testing your managerial abilities under various adverse circumstances. The Challenge mode menu suggests that these feats of football wizardry range from easy to hard, but in reality they range from hard to sadistically hard. One challenge asks you to save your team from relegation. Sounds easy enough. Until you load a game up and realize that you start 21 games into the season and 17 points from safety. Another asks you to go through an entire season undefeated, while yet another demands that you meet the chairman's start-of-season expectations with a team so riddled with injuries that you wish you could suit up yourself in a bid to provide options at center back. The constant tension of waiting for the next shadowy axe-wielding horror to leap at you from the darkness made Alan Wake's debut a pleasantly nerve-fraying jaunt to the Twin Peaks-esque town of Bright Falls. Marvelous narrative pacing and a brains-over-blood-spray approach gave Wake's memorable thriller journey through demonic woodlands and twisted townscapes loads of impact. It's a shame those same thrills and chills are mostly absent in American Nightmare, replaced instead by morbid humor and a lighter-hearted narrative. The dusty Southwest setting and a bigger emphasis on gunplay are among several new elements that keep the formula from getting stale, but this diversionary side trek is a very different animal from the proper story-continuing sequel players are hungry for. A group of neutral units may also complement your armies. You may recruit minotaurs and halberdiers--and even dragons--by building on spaces that spawn such creatures. Spells let you summon some low-level monsters and, later, elementals. When you take over a foe's city, you can't raze it. You instead make it yours, but you keep the other faction's buildings and units (which is how you may end up with mages of the human faction backing your ghosts). You may also set up your game with portals to other worlds. These planes are stocked with powerful monsters, but if you establish a foothold, you can recruit some of the most powerful units in the game. This variety is invigorating: you may play the same faction several times in a row but wind up relying on different unit makeups. The new additions enhance the Sims experience as a whole, to the point that your more realistic sims may seem outdated and mundane after a few hours with Supernatural. To count but a few of the new abilities, fairies can fly about and bless other sims with auras that calm or grant boosts to skills; witches can conjure valuable items with enough practice and dish out hexes and fire and frost spells; and werewolves can travel in packs and (much like dogs in the Pets expansion) can hunt down expensive hidden items. The only issue with the latter--apart from their annoying tendency to scratch up the furniture--is that their transformations get to be a pain, particularly since they abandon any activities in the queue they were doing the moment they feel the tug of the full moon. And once you have a taste for what Karting is capable of, you can try your hand at creating something that rivals the best tracks from the developer. Just be prepared to pour hours into learning how to use the editor first. Unfortunately, the tutorial does a terrible job of walking you through the process of designing your own tracks. Each of the more than 50 included lessons is a noninteractive video. So instead of trying out the various features on your own, you're forced to watch while the game slowly lays out what everything does. Sitting through every video takes more than 90 minutes, and good luck retaining everything you've watched once you set in on your own tracks. Considering games are about doing, rather than watching, there's no excuse for such a poor tutorial. Every mission in Retro City Rampage's Story mode skewers video games, movies, or TV shows of the 80s. If you have any reverence for icons of 80s pop culture, don't be surprised if versions of those icons show up in RCR and are made to suffer some indignities. (The Ghostbusters, for instance, are spoofed here as the Go-Go Busters. Their job is even messier and nastier than catching and occasion

This is compounded by a petulant camera that sticks on every object and wall you come across. Although you rarely fall in battle, fights often become tedious affairs because simple actions are hampered in so many ways that they fail to coalesce into satisfying action. In Human Revolution, Adam Jensen boarded a vessel to Singapore with the hope of unveiling the workings of a conspiracy and discovering the fate of his beloved Megan. The Missing Link explores the events on that ship, which is operated by the nefarious Belltower security group. As Adam, you are guided primarily by two figures. One is a secretive raspy-voiced Russian who guides you via headset; the other is Netanya, a ship officer who has reason to question her commander's ethics. The plot-focused narrative starts dryly but takes a wicked turn when Adam stumbles across evidence of experiments gone wrong, as well as speaks with scientists and human lab rats caught up in a scheme from which they can't escape. To spill too many details would risk spoiling important events. Suffice it to say that The Missing Link's best story moments are the most heartfelt ones. A chilling chat with a desperate woman who bargains for your assistance and a momentous decision in which you hold sway over life and death are emotional highlights in this tale. Somewhere beyond Neptune, an exploratory satellite discovers Planet X, the home of an advanced alien civilization known as the Gorg. Humanity's overtures of goodwill are spurned by the evil Gorg, and the people of Earth are suddenly fighting for survival against an overwhelming alien attack. The black-and-white newsreel-style cutscenes that advance the story make effective use of a combination of archival footage and deliberately chintzy special effects; rocket ships are visibly borne aloft by strings, and the costume worn by the actor portraying King Gorg looks like something out of an Ed Wood film. But it's not just the Gorg you fight. As you advance through the story's 21 missions, humanity runs afoul of an alien seductress and her hideous brain riders, as well as a clunky robot and his mechanical minions. These adversarie

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